Moubootaur Legends Game Rules

  1. You must be at the computer to play. Using a bot while at computer will be tolerated. Failure to respond to other players and/or GMs in a timely manner will be viewed as unacceptable AFK botting. And you'll spend a night in the jail.
  2. Do not spam nor flood. This includes repeating yourself, or spamming an action (eg. trying to skip a dialog like a crazy clicker).
  3. Do not trade invalid items, or try to cheat on trades.
  4. Respect other players. This includes but is not limited to using offensive language in nicknames or chat, and begging items or favours to other players.
  5. The public chat is to be understood by everyone. Therefore, try to use english when possible.
  6. Do not create multi accounts. A person may only hold one account and as many chars as allowed by the server/client. Staff members with special privileges in-game may have a second account without those privileges.
  7. The use of real money for ingame items/experience/etc. is strictly prohibted, except by sponsoring.
  8. Admit when you're wrong. An early ruling may be given if you're caught lying, trying to fool or otherwise mislead a GM.
  9. Do not logout at Botcheck area or at Jail. We cannot unjail an offline player. If you believe you're right and was jailed in error, keep your ground and explain calmly what happened in Court House Forum. The staff will calmly analyse the situation. If you were jailed without guilt, an apology may be sent to you by ingame mail.
  10. Players found out to be exploiting bugs, intentionally or unknowingly, may be required to return any undue advantage obtained by it.